What is Corupted Games?

Corupted Games is a super game making contraption made by me, Julian Wilton.

About Me:
Hi, I’m Julian, I’m a 2d Artist/ Animator from the Blue Mountains, Australia. I’ve been breathing for about 22 years and designing games for about 4 years now.  I started off as a programmer but realised I really sucked at that so moved over to doing the art. I was never good at art so there was a big learning curve getting into it and to the stage I am today. I am currently studying a bachelor of design ( visual communication ) majoring in Interactive Design. Although I am studying, most of my game knowledge has come from teaching myself.

I mainly focus on the creation of 2D Game Art & Animation but also develop websites, games and doodles.

Whoa hold on, you’re terrible at spelling corupted is spelt with two r’s?
Of course it is silly! But imagine how much time I saved you by only using one r.  You’re welcome.