Digital designer with a passion for drawing faces on things!

When I’m not napping, I’m hammering away creating weird and wonderful games; Giraffes in backpacks, Slicing up bees & cats with suspenders to name a few. Through this legacy, I have somehow acquired awards taking me to near and far. Building with it skills which have evolved me into the double threat with abilities of the technical and creative.

In my mixed bag of goodies, I’ve studied a bachelor of design (visual communication) with a major in interactive design where I learnt the noble skills of being a student. But University wasn’t enough for my caffeine infused blood in my spare time I worked vigorously to work at Massive Monster a boutique games development company working on desktop & Console titles. But it’s not just games I’m interested in; any medium where I can draw a face has interest to me! Resulting in a wide range of works including light exhibitions, Picture Books & designing coffee shops.

I’ve worn many hats along the way such as an animator, illustrator & designer. Giving me the skills to adapt to any new scenario no matter the challenge, no matter the weekend. But through all my fun times, my passions remain to draw faces on things. I will leave no rock un turned in my quest for the face. 🙂