Hey Friends firstly I would like to say sorry for not keeping to my once a week publications of updates on game development.



Super Adventure Pals 2 updates

Super Adventure Pals 2 is coming along at its usually pace, slow and steady Jay is actually in the process of totally re doing the platform engine while working on a new arena battle type engine we will use in our new battle stages of the game. We have started to outsource some our work to some well known devs you may know just to make the game even more awesomeyadventurycool, Although I cant confirm anything rumours have it these two will be helping out!

  • Jimp

  • Boss Design

Jimp is an awesome designer and illustrator who has worked on many many flash games.

  • Jazza

  • Cutscene Help

Jazza is highly regarded in the online flash animations and game community and will be helping out with some cutscenes.

Maybe more if I sell my rock collection.

I recently finished doing the boss animations for the game, here is the Tree Boss of Treevale, which you can see up the top in all of its glory, Here is some more random pictures without details (:

Treevale Boss - Super Adventure Pals 2

Super Adventure Pals 2 - Post Apocolyptic Dinosaurs

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 23.47.10

Hey its Jay Armstrong, What is he doing there o:



Me and Jay are also in discussion about rolling in game, I think its a good idea Jay doesn’t seem to have the same opinion what do you think?

Should there be rolling in Super Adventure Pals 2?

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The Internship

Soap Creative Digital Agency

So tomorrow marks the 150th hour I been working at Soap Creative doing an internship, It has been a fantastic experience and have met some really awesome and talented people, I was working on a mysterious project for them including something pretty fudging epic and tower defency, I will post some links when they start promoting.

How To Sell A Flash Game

In depth article on how to make/sell/publish your game with sponsorship in mind.


make all da moniez


Not too long ago I wrote an article on how to sell a flash game, the article was written for gamedev.tutsplus and goes into extensive detail and in my opinion all you need to know to get your game ready for sponsorship, getting it sponsored and releasing it. Why pay $20 for some book check this article out free! How To Sell A Flash Game


PAX AUstralia

The other weekend, I went off to Pax AU where I was a volounteer got to see some great indie games and saw the lovely Con Artist Games promoting their gameThe Last Stand: Dead ZoneCheck it out if you haven’t its really cool! Here is a very un interesting photo of me on stair patrol watching upon the flocks of people at pax.



The Con Artist Booth



Free Flash Game Assets 1

This week you get some explosion and a good old timey effect for your flash games or projects.


So I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my game assets visit regularly or Subscribe to Blog via Email down the bottom of the page to get more free junk. The first thing I will be releasing is some super cool explosions aww yeah, I will also be posting some blood splatters in a week if this goes well.
The explosions were used in the game ANGRY BEES I will also be giving you my old timey effect I used something similar in Super Adventure Pals 1 intro cutscene, The Free version of the explosion effect will only have the ground explosion in it, If you want the other ones you can buy them for the low low price of $3