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Suspender Cat!

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The other day I participated in first face to face game jam, It was such a great experience and a met a bunch of new devs! I flew there solo and found some awesome dudes to make a game with and this is the result. The goal is to Protect your turtle from the evil force of minion pigs, on the quest to earn enough diamonds to get the respect of their parents. Game was created for the global game jam 2014.

Paul Kopetko an awesome sound designer from Sydney made this trailer and all the music for the game.

Super Adventure Pals 2

More Updates and Minigames

Super Adventure Pals 2 is coming along at quite a nice pace recently with the en-devour of me and Jay moving into full time working on it, I have recently been pushing the game into the more “indie market” with hopes that it will be a bit easier to create some buzz when we are ready for a marketing boost to help with the idea of greenlight and possibly kickstarter ( may fail, but will be good for promotion anyway ) The game was featured on the front page of gamejolt which was also pretty cool. It feels great to have a flash game recognized as an indie game as well.  I  also recently finished ( 90% ish ) of the towns and shops, and collated the pictures together here.


Super Adventure Pals 2 Town and Shops

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Not the best picture, will look better when implemented 😉


Marshmallow Kingdom

My venture into solo game development

SO far I have spent two weekends working on my remake of one of my first games marshmallow kingdom, it has been quite fun and am surprised at how easily I have picked up stenycl. A good tool I would recommend to a someone starting out. The game has some cool features like lots of explosions and particles but also slow motion when falling enemies come close to you which is a cool effect from someone who can’t program. The game will feature a shop and likely a few stages and a boss battle. The game will be ported to mobile and will be release as a combination of web and mobile. I also took this opportunity to experiment with my style a bit and took a trip into photoshop I was surprised from the result as usually things I make in photoshop look terrible but this time I was pleasantly surprised it didn’t look terrible.





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