Super Marshmallow Kingdom Out!


The day has come, where I have finally developed a game all by myself excluding sounds, though I did have a go a it. This wouldn’t of been possible without the software stencyl other softwares like it. The game was developed for stencyl jam 2014 hosted on newgrounds. The game being super marshmallow kingdom a sequel or remake of sorts to one of the first games I made named marshmallow kingdom.  So far it has receive rave reviews like this one. 

Pretty cool game, although it’s laggy as heck, and the Shiny Items medal doesn’t work.
With this game will also come my first mobile game which should be out in a few weeks. I set up a website for the mobile game when it is released as seen below. I will post a post mortem to the game after the mobile version is out. The game was sponsored by

Check Out The Website!

Play Super Marshmallow Kingdom - Online   Mobile Game

Updates On Super Adventure Pals 2


Not to long ago I worked on the menu as I was sick of looking at the placeholder one we had, I also went to the liberty of timelapsing the process, I was pretty happy how it came out and worked pretty hard getting the background pretty enough to get up to sap2 standards.


Treevale Boss

For the treevale boss Jay and I thought it would be cool to have one those awesome boss transitions, Which resulted in me having a go at digital painting again I have only had a few goes at it which have all ended quite poorly but they came out alright I thought, The original verison Jay commented needed more action which is seen in the other pic. We may still need to add in some background blur so the tree stands out a bit more.


Screenshot 2014-03-30 16.22.40 Screenshot 2014-03-30 16.27.34




I decided after being frustrated with where the map was going for quite a while to live up to sap 2 quality standards I would have to totally remake the map as there was issues with perspective and it just seemed a bit dull. Mind you I worked on this map maybe a year ago.. So I reinvented it as seen in the picture below.



Unpolished Version – NEW MAP



What Other Developers Are Up to!

This is a new section im adding into my blog it will illustrate what some of my fellow flash devs are up to. It is for those of  you to lazy to click on everyones blog and see what they are up to. So here they are all in one spot.

Jay Armstrong Games

In other news Jay Armstrong my programmer on Super Adventure Pals 2 has released a game he was working on, on the side to SAPII the game is called epic time pirates and was recently released on not doppler Check It Out


Jimp is always up to something and always working on 5 games at once, this week I will be looking at his work on a recent game he has started with Cinder Games, Who I actually did some freelance work for but the project fell through. Here are the pretty pictures click on jimps name to find out more.


PestoForce also known as BomToons recently finished a successful kickstarter to his game super chibi knight, raising over 12k which was quite impressive and I think has persuaded me to maybe pursue kickstarter as a form of monies for super adventure pals 2.  The game has also been greenlit for steam and is quite exciting for us flash developers into moving out games into the indie market. The first chibi knight was very awesome and definitely inspired us with super adventure pals. Check out Updates when it will be released Here Pestoforce also met up with the super indie pals to discuss his game and his game development seen below.

Tyler / Justin Wolf Games / llamaReaper

This fantastic trio with games to showcase such as Dino Shift 2 and Sentry knight are working on a new game which I am quite excited about. Tyler brings an awesome creativity to the team and also his amazing animating ability, while llamaReaper is producing some of the best backgrounds I have seen in flash games all while Justin seems to be organizing everything and bringing the design to a level of awesome polish while producing some highly impressive code. Click Here To Find out more about development


One of my favorite artists working in flash games and beyond is Ansel, he is a bad hard to keep track of but his games are amazing such games as Buccaneer Battle which if you haven’t played  you’re missing out.
Looks like he is working on a puzzle game click on his name to find out more.

Juicy Beast

Juicy beast’s game Toto Temple was released not too long as part of a game jam but they have overhauled it and are working on a “deluxe” version, you can track there progress and the making of “the unique experience” on their blog which is good read for any game designer.


Toge Productions

Toge recently got there game infectoator onto steam greenlight, How Exciting. Check it Out


If you missed one of deathinks latest games named Asslevania you really need to check it out, DeathInk is a great example of a developer making games for the sake of making games opposed to the monetizing property a lot of developers get sucked into. He is working on a new game with LongAnimals Which i’ll talk more about later.

Indie Your Face
From the co founder of berzerker studios Lachhh has started a series talking about games. Definitely check it out. The videos are designed very well and you’re sure to learn something.

If your game didn’t make the list and would like me to feature it next time let me know in a comment below.