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What’s New?

We are pleased to announce the new Super Adventure Pals! They are 200% sexier, 200% sillier and 200% worse at maths!

We are super excited to show you what we’ve been working on. To make sure we made the best game we possibly could, after the game got Green-lit we made the tough decision to start the game from scratch again. We have been working on it ever since then are so proud of the results so far. We still have a few months to go to get the game where it needs to be but we are getting very, very close! To make sure the game is overflowing with quality, great music beautiful animations and challenging levels we have outsourced a lot of the game to make sure it oozes quality and polish. This included animations, level designs, backgrounds, concept art and Music.

To update the ‘pals, we put a lot of time in to re-envisioning them and delving into what made the first game great and the opportunities we had with it. We took all that goodness and crammed it all and more into the game and their new stars to let it shine.

What was re-Designed?


  • The Pals; There relationship and interactions. We emphasised this firstly by making the giraffe always on the screen so you know his there with you. We also focused on incorporating the pals whenever we could, gameplay wise and story.

Screenshot 2015-12-22 21.44.06

Screenshot 2015-12-22 21.47.00


  • Humour; We won’t spoil this one too much, but Super Adventure Pals is wackier than ever don’t worry about it 😉

  • Adventuring; To emphasise adventure we had to take a look at what adventuring was to the game. Being made up of new areas and content and combat. One of the problems of the old games was the combat, there was never too much challenge to it. You can read more about how we made combat not suck HERE
  • Further to this we knew we couldn’t have a good adventure without a good story and world to belong in. We spent a long while creating characters and a world for our pals to engage and adventure in which has lead to nearly 50 NPC’s!


We emphasised the adventuring in our level designs by making sure were constantly incorporating new content for the player to learn and master. We also added in secret cupcakes that would encourage a player to look around the level.

Why the heck did you redo the game!?

The original demo / version of the game we had was in flash. After much reflection and wisdom sessions we decided to start from scratch to make the game we WANTED to make and make a game that didn’t feel like a “Web” game published on steam. We saw this as our one chance to show the world what we can do and we’ve been working by that mind set for the past 5 months.

Sexy New Features

  • 60 FPS
  • Award Winning Physics!


  • Redesigned characters
  • Super duper good animations by @SovanJedi

  • The best ever Music from the talented Hyperduck
  • 2 New Areas
  • Arenas
  • Blacksmith
  • Towns, Shops & Arenas overhaul


  • A whole lot more!


Exciting news ahead!

We will be exhibiting at RTX Sydney, GX Australia & PAX East in the coming months, come check us out if you’re around.

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