Sorry in the delay of updated posts I am still alive but all of my fingers have fallen off and I am now typing with my nose. Here is what I have been up to in the past 4 months ish


Bali Adventures.

Oh yes not too long I adventured over to the mysterious lands of Bali by myself, the trip included lots of drinking, partying, adventuring, magic mushrooms and new friends. Unfortunately my Iphone was stolen in Bali so all my pictures were lost minus a few, here is one of them. Bali was a very interesting place and was great to experience a new culture but who cares about that junk let’s move onto the game development!

That big old beer was one like $2.5 and it was pretty good for beer, Also to the left is some local Arak notorious for it’s alcohol content and some of the manufactured drinks containing methanol.

University Semester

I finished my university semester about a month or two ago concluding my first year of university or maybe I should say funiversity? No.. No I shouldn’t. Though I am enjoying it.
Mark wise I am going alright the last semester I got a High Distinction – Distinction – Credit – Pass which if you don’t know is a mark in each of the possible categories ( except for fail ) . Here are some of the final assignments I completed for this semester of uni.
I do feel like the course is helping my game making abilities and looking forward to what next year holds.



Alphabet of weird looking animals. Indie Flash Game Mag



E-Book for sale!

You may recall this picture book I Created and printed, I recently converted it an ebook so it has the ability of purchase on all your I devices. It is quite small and simple but I had this goal to create a picture book so I could throw it at anyway that looked me the wrong way. It came into existence when my lovely talented friend Emma Barret sent me this stupid story I couldn’t resist to make it into a picture book, Though there is a surprise ending by your’s truly.

If you buy this book I can guarantee you will  have good looking babies.




This is the best picture book I have ever seen in my life and I would definitely recommend buying it to support the guy to make more.  – Some Guy I Paid 99c to say


When are you going to get a real job, Oh you want a testimonial ah well this book doesn’t suck that much – My Mother

 Super Adventure Junk

After over a year in development this game still isn’t done! It seems like a trend of my last few games to take forever to complete, I feel this long gap though has meant that the game has matured and been polished off nicely in its core elements and the game has been able to adapt to our wild ideas.  ( this is not a good way to earn a living making flash game ) Recently though there has been a big development in the case of supie advenchi dudes Jay and I are both now working on the game full time so we are hoping to pump it our fairly soon. A lot of the art is complete so I can just have fun drawing random junk for sap now including a final boss, decorations and a few our straggling pieces of art. SO here is some more doodles to keep you anticipated and ready to waste your money on it.

2014-01-07 15_23_46-PirateBoss.fla

2014-01-15 00_30_34-2014-01-15 00_30_02- 2014-01-15 00_28_47-RECOVER__FINAL BackGrounds.fla_

2014-01-14 19_34_18-Decorations.fla_ 2014-01-14 00_40_19-Critters.fla_ 2014-01-09 21_41_37-Preloader N' Menu.fla_



CutsceneScreenShotTreevale V



Super Marshmallow Kingdom?

I recently en-devoured on a simple idea, To re-create one of the very first proper games I created. The original game never got sponsorship due to programmers running off and I ended up kind of self sponsoring which didn’t really work out. SO now I am creating Super Marshmallow Kingdom with some brand new sexy art and animations I am doing the coding and art myself so it may end up terribly terrible or terribly good. Below are some pics and before and afters and junk. The game will hopefully be developed for iOS and Web and is currently being developed in Stencyl So yes its not real coding.. ITS SUPER PUZZLE PIECE PLACING CODING.
The game is only currently being developed in my free time as I am on Super Adventure Pals 2 full time now until we have finished it which im suspecting it’s not too far off at least art wise.

2014-01-08 16_05_01-RECOVER_Super Marshmallow Kingdom.fla_

2014-01-07 16_28_27-


Play The Original

Tea Shirt Designs

The other day I woke up and decided I would draw a doodle on a shirt andI was quite pleased with my little doodle, SO I decided I would do some actual digital designs for t shirts and see if other people liked my little doodles. WARNING: It gets pretty fun filled full of puns beyond this point. Also tea shirt? good idea for a shirt perhaps. Let me know if you have any requests and i’ll chuck em in 😀


Corupted’s Most Beautiful Flash Game Awards

Coming Soon. ( Maybee Next Post, or will update here )


Free Junk! V.2

Don’t worry I did not forgot my free junk post! Here is another pack of free flash game assets to use in your games. This time they come from the game I made Super Zombee Massacre which was very unsuccessful self sponsored game :D. You can use them freely and I won’t sue the pants off you, Though if you would like to take your pants off for me please do not hesitate, Enjoy.

FreeJunk.2 - corupted


Well that wraps up most things, See you in four months! Stay safe, and Don’t let strangers hold your hand. ( But seriously I will try and update this thing a bit more often )
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