Steam Greenlight!

Wha! That’s correct, you heard right! Super Adventure Pals 2 is now on Steam Greenlight. It’s been a long journey to get to where we are now. The game and myself have evolved over the time and I am happy to say we are now ready to work full time on the game! Turning it into the best fun time that could be had!
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Why So Long?!

Super Adventure Pals 2 has now been in development for a long time. However we had always worked on the game in our spare time and working remotely. Over the last six months I have been living in London where Jay and I have been hanging out allowing us to easily figure out the next steps for the game. Which has resulted in this greenlight. We have also partnered with the awesome ArmorGames who have allowed us this opportunity.



Sexy new Trailer

Here is the awesome trailer for the game. Made by the extremely talented Marlon Wiebe who has made some incredible videos for Crypt of the Necrodancer, Nuclear Throne and many others. Check out his stuff here. He did a fantastic job with the ‘pals – what do you think.



More Exciting Updates Soon!